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Welcome to Bristol Training College website.

The Bristol Training College has been delivering sustainable education and training while building a solid educational foundation amidst challenging operating environment. My mission is to take Bristol Training College into the future and turn the college into one of the best educational and training institution in South Africa.

We continue to face new challenges in our business environment; the pace and scale of change are unprecedented.

In order to overcome these challenges, the Bristol Training College has undergone an institutional transformation that includes initiatives such as intensive staffs training and restructuring. These improvements will enable us to become faster at identifying and addressing shifts in the landscape. But there is more to be done, and we remain fully committed to strengthening our capabilities and to further evolving the institution going forward.

It is essential that we align our actions to meet student’s needs. To do that, Bristol Training College has adopted the following skills:

  • Tutoring skills: Skills to enable you to instruct a learner on a one on one basis
  • Workshops: Skills that enable you to make lessons interactive and come alive though participation exercise
  • Presentation: Skills which help with the delivery of information
  • Coaching: Skills that enable you to guide and mentor learners
  • Instructing: Skills which allow you to pass on commands on how, when, where and why to do something
  • Training: Skills that enable you to transmit your subject matter expertise effectively by active involvement and interaction

We know that learning is the mental, physical, spiritual, development,  and the entire thinking system of the leaner and we are going to ensure that all of the above skills are effective in the institution, in order to ensure that learning takes places in an effective manner, this skills make our institution more different from other institution because most academic institutions are more focused on facilitation and lecturing in a class bases only, which is not enough for ensuring that students’ progress to complete and become quality and employable graduates .

We also adopt the following basic rules for skills adopted above

  • The 4Ps:                       Plan, Prepare, Practice, Present
  • The 3Rs:                       Resilience, Resourceful, Reflection
  • The 3Ts:                       Tell them, Teach them, Tell them again

We are confident that we can exceed expectations of all students by carefully considering their respective interests. This skill and rules guides our mission to create, develop and nurture our unique brands to win students trust, while understanding and respecting the environment, and the diversity of societies and individuals.

To this end, we have developed a concrete action plan, called the “The Bristol Training College strategic plan”: “We are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our students and behaving responsibly, striving for quality in everything we do, through continuous improvement, and leveraging diversity across Bristol Training College campuses.”

We are convinced that the “Bristol Training College strategic plan”, with students at the heart of all we do, is the right approach to enhancing corporate value in the mid- to long-term and delivering maximum results for all Bristol Training College students.

With the skills and rules as a guide, the entire Bristol Training College staff strive to fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our abilities, in all that we do.

Frank . C . Akuche
President & Chief Executive Officer


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