National certificate chemical engineering

National Certificate Chemical Engineering (N1-N3)

Course Introduction

Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering that combines the knowledge of chemistry with math, physics and economics to solve practical technical problems in the processing industry. Chemical Engineering is concerned with the design, construction and operation of processes that convert raw materials into products with a higher economic value.

National  Certificate Chemical Engineering N1


3 Months

Entry Requirement

Grade 9 (Std. 7) with Mathematics and Physical Science, or equivalent.


  • Mathematics N1
  • Water and waste treatment N1
  • Plant Operation theory N1
  • Engineering science N1

SAQA ID 67109

National  Certificate Chemical Engineering N2


3 Months

Entry Requirement

 N1 National Certificate or equivalent


  • Mathematics N2
  • Water and waste treatment N2
  • Plant Operation theory N2
  • Engineering science. N2

SAQA ID 67375

National  Certificate Chemical Engineering N3


3 Months

Entry Requirement

N2 National Certificate or equivalent


  • Mathematics N3
  • Plant Operation theory N3
  • Engineering science N3
  • Engineering Science N3

SAQA ID 67491

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Career field 

  • Process Plant Construction
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Protection
  • Biotechnology
  • Research and Development Chemistry
  • Quality Control
  • Laboratory        

Student Assessment

The Department of Higher Education and Training is the examining body for these courses. At the end of the semester , students  are require to write an external examination set up by the DHET. To qualify to write the exam, students must complete all their assignments and test before the closing dates, so that they can obtain a term mark . Students  are responsible for registering their exams and are also responsible for confirming the dates of their exams before the registration cut off dates for the exams.


Upon successful completion of the N1- N3 National Certificates, learner will be awarded a National National Certificate from the Department of Education on the receptive level completed

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