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Study further without a Matric.

Course Introduction

Bristol Training College prides itself on offering quality accredited programmes  that does not require Matric. These programmes  have a strong technological focus, enabling students to thrive in today’s working world.Our academic approach is intensely career-orientated and technology-driven and the qualifications are designed and frequently reviewed to meet changing market demands, this is done to stay in line with the latest skills developments within a specific career field which allow students the opportunity to embark on higher education studies to build pathways both academically and professionally. 

ICB Accounting and Business Programmes

Financial Accounting 

The ICB financial accounting programme offers a student the opportunity of start a career in bookkeeping which is foundation-level  in Financial Accounting, this level requires  only grade 10. Once a student passed National Certificate bookkeeping level the student can than move to the following levels:

Further Education and Training Certificate Bookkeeping. Read more
National Diploma Technical Financial Accounting. Read more
National Diploma Financial Accounting. Read more 

Public Sector Accounting

The ICB Public Sector Accounting Programme also offers a student the opportunity to start a career in Public Sector accountant which is foundation level  in Public Sector Accounting. this level requires only grade 11. Once a student passed the National Certificate Public Sector Accounting the student can than proceed to the following levels: 

Diploma Public Sector Accounting. Read more
Diploma Financial Accounting. Read more

Business Management Programme/

Entrepreneurship Programme


ICB offers foundation-level courses in both Business Management programme  and Entrepreneurship programme both of these courses require only grade 11. A student is able to proceed to the next level  until they  gain a National Diploma in either Business Entrepreneurship or Business Management. These levels are to followed:

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Small Business Financial Management (Business Management Programme) Read more
Higher Certificate Office Administration (Business Management Programme) Read more
Higher Certificate Office Administration (Entrepreneurship Programme)  Read more

Engineering Courses 

At Bristol Training College you can study engineering courses without matric. The National Trade Courses  Boilermaker, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and  Chemical Engineering requires only grade 9 with mathematics and physical science (no matric required). After completing  N1, N2 and N3, learner can be able to proceed to N4 up to N6  to complete a Higher National Diploma.

The  national senior  certificate (Technical Matric N3 ) aimed at  Students who have never written grade 12 but wish to obtain a Senior Certificate, The national senior  certificate (Technical Matric N3 ) requires only grade 11

Technical Matric N3 Read More
Boilermaker N1-N3 Read More
Mechanical Engineering N1-N3 Read More
Electrical Engineering N1-N3 Read More
Civil Engineering N1-N3 Read More
Chemical Engineering N1-N3 Read More

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